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Revelation of the Father and Supernatural Increase

Revelation of the Father and Supernatural Increase

More and more I am convinced that one of the Keys to seeing a Supernatural Increase in the Harvest and a release of disciple making movements among the unreached is this: a deeper understanding and revelation of the Father's Heart. 

What?  That sounds strange, you might think.  That is a DTS teaching isnt it?  What does it have to do with Frontier Missions and CPMs?  Haven’t we "Been there, Done that" and moved on to bigger and more important things like cpm strategies, contextualization, coaching techniques and such?

I would like to say this even more strongly. I believe that a revelation of the Father is not only a key to seeing the release of supernatural increase.  I'd say it is foundational to seeing the move of God released among us that we so long for.  Parallel to the message we are bringing of a call to Increase and Greater Fruit, must come the message of a call to increased intimacy with the Father and a deeper revelation of what it means to walk in our identity as Sons and Daughters of the King of Kings. We are in need of a profound and ongoing revelation of this. We are also desperately in need of a greater revelation of His Father's heart for the Lost and the Urgency this revelation will place within us.

We must be walking in an experiential and growing understanding of how incredibly unconditional and unlimited His Love and Goodness is.  Without this, we will be powerless, performance driven, and ultimately fruitless in spite of our best efforts to take seriously the call to greater fruit and supernatural increase.

When God spoke to me four years ago from the Luke 19 Parable of the Minas, I knew He was speaking to me to believe Him for More, to ask Him for More, to expect More.  He is a God who wants His people to be fruitful in His Kingdom.  In this parable, He gives everyone the same command.  He gives everyone the same opportunity and resources.  But not everyone sees the same results. The Master in this parable, gives different rewards to each, according to their results.  This can feel unfair.  The one with the greatest results received the greatest affirmation and was given the most authority in the Kingdom.

10 fold increase, and especially 30, 60 or 100 fold increase is not something we can see released by simply working harder.  This kind of increase demands of us an ability to take risks of faith, and to step out into the realm of the impossible and the supernatural.  It also means being willing to change and repent of "dead works" of the flesh, to turn from doing the things that are good ideas, but no longer God ideas.  It requires a passion and desperate determination to be like Jesus in only doing what the Father is doing and only saying what He is saying.  It means taking risks of Faith, walking in new ways and embracing new wineskins.

We can only be this dependent on Him, this willing to step out in faith, when we are full of a revelation of His love for us.  We can only move in unusual new supernatural authority for breakthrough, when we come into deeper revelation of what it means to be the Sons and Daughters of the King of all Creation.

It is not true that we do not have what we need to see the breakthroughs we long for.  It is not true that we do not have the authority to move in supernatural signs and wonders or to release God encounters, deliverance, healing and salvation among the unreached.  This power, this authority, has already been given to us. But sometimes, our fear gets the best of us.  Sometimes we fail to step out in faith due to our insecurity, past experiences of failure, and our unwillingness to change.  A child who knows their Father takes joy in jumping into His arms, fully secure that their Daddy will catch them.  They giggle and laugh and delight in the adventure of risk because they have great confidence in their Dad. Without a revelation of our Father, we will hesitate to jump, we will hesitate to let go of the familiar and the things we have used in the past.  We will miss the wave He is bringing.

The mina is in our hand.  It’s already been given.  We have all we need. Sometimes we have buried it, sometimes we have lost it, sometimes this revelation of His Fatherhood and goodness has been lost or buried under many other things we have learned and now are so "wise" about.

We must go back to the bottom line of why we are doing what we are doing in FM.  We want to see movements among the unreached, not because it’s a cool strategy that we really like.  Not because CPMs are part of our identity as FMers, or they are our distinctive in the YWAM tribe.  No, our bottom line has to be that we want movements because there are millions who are lost and away from a Father who made them and desperately loves them.  Our motivation for CPMs must be the Father's Heart revealed and living in us.

Recently, God spoke to me through a situation in my family.  My son in law had been in a motorcycle accident and had some indications of a head injury.  Knowing this could be very serious, I desperately wanted him to see a doctor to make sure he was okay.  I wanted him to get a CT scan and confirm that there was no serious injury.  It disturbed me, and pained my heart that he was delaying going to the doctor, and might not be getting the help he needed.  This was potentially life threatening!  My heart ached and I couldn't rest until I knew that he was getting what he needed.

As I prayed about this, I knew God was speaking to me.  His heart aches and He is disturbed by the delay of His message getting to the unreached.  This is a situation of eternal life and death.  They must get what they need!  We must see the unreached have an opportunity to receive this message and to come into His Father's arms of love.  His heart cries and longs for His creation to come home to Him.

 Disciple making movements rapidly bring large numbers of people into His Father's arms, into His embrace. His Father's love is what is releasing movements around the world. People are dying apart from Him.  He is getting impatient for them to come to Him. We must work differently.  We must see them get what they need more quickly. Too many die each day apart from the Father, lost from their true identity, lost and away from their true Home.

Let’s go back and uncover that Mina.  That buried mina we once were given way back in DTS, the revelation of the Father's Heart. Let’s start to put it to work.  Let’s ask God first to put it to work in our hearts and lives in fresh ways.  Let’s ask Him to reveal to us again what it means to be His Sons and Daughters.

 As we do this, the message of the Minas, the call to much greater multiplication, will never be about performance.  We will never hear this message as a condemnation because we haven’t worked hard enough, or been good enough to please the Master. Greater increase will never be about performing or being successful to earn more of His love.

Instead, with much joy we will delight in bringing movements of thousands of people, as our gifts to our Dad.  We will joyfully bring our 10 fold increase and place it before His feet, knowing how precious those returning Sons and Daughters are to our Father.  It won’t be about us and what we have done or not done.  It will be all about Him and we will know that no matter whether we see fruit or no fruit, His love for us is absolutely unchangeable. 



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