Friday, April 24, 2015

What Makes It Worth It?

I was thinking this morning about What Makes It Worth It- the sacrifices and the grief of this crazy life we have chosen.  We often feel like few people understand us- the pain, the difficulties, and the joys and victories we have the privilege of seeing here on this side of the world. Here is a glimpse into my heart.

Sometimes it is incredibly hard to live and work among the poorest of the poor and the unreached. It can be quite painful and rather uncomfortable. Often, my heart is grieved.  I grieve for the dreams God put in my heart that are not yet fully reality...for the communities where there is still a lot more of hell then heaven on earth.  For the widows who still remain hungry and uncared for.  And for the millions who still havent heard the good news that there is a Father who loves them and an incredible friend and elder brother Jesus, who died to make healing, salvation and forgiveness possible for them.

What makes it worth it?  What is it that keeps us daring to dream the dreams of God for India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and other parts of South Asia ? What is it that makes us willing to continue to embrace the pain God feels for the people and places that are not yet reached, where despair and darkness still have the upper hand? What makes us willing to keep looking into the eyes of the poor rather than turning away?

Its those God moments.  Like the other day in the taxi on the way from the
airport to our where we were staying . I had a conversation with the Bengali driver about Jesus.  He had heard of Jesus and said he liked Jesus.  He had even seen a movie (maybe Passion of the Christ?) about Jesus.  He said he liked Jesus but he thought it was terrible how he had to die.  I asked him if he knew why he had died that way?  He said no.  I asked him if he'd heard the good news that Jesus didn't stay dead but that 3 days later He rose again.  His eyes got big and a look of surprise and awe came over his face.  HE HAD NEVER HEARD THE GOOD NEWS THAT JESUS WAS ALIVE.  NEVER.  He had no idea, whatsoever, that the reason Jesus died was to provide salvation for him or that he could have a real relationship with a living God.

Having the opportunity to share this good news with just one person who had never, ever heard, would have made it worth it for me.  Millions like this man wait to hear of a Jesus who loves them.  How could we not go?  How could we not train others to go? How could we content ourselves with limited growth of His kingdom that barely keeps up with population growth when God wants to bring massive supernatural increase of His Kingdom, when he wants to see movements of Jesus followers released who go everywhere sharing this good news.

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