Thursday, June 4, 2015

Qualities of Effective Leaders: Hungry to Learn and Grow

I've been thinking lately about the most important qualities of a leader.  There are important qualities that we must develop in our lives as we seek to be the kinds of leaders God will use in bringing about a Supernatural Increase of His Kingdom.

Over the coming few weeks, I'll be writing about a few different qualities of leadership.  We can look at these related to our own lives. But also look at how to develop these characteristics and values in the lives of those you mentor, in the lives of those we are developing as leaders around us.


As I look at who I'm most likely to invest time and energy in mentoring, this quality is one of the first things I'm looking for. 
These leaders:
  • Ask good questions and listen well (often taking notes)
  • Seek out a variety of input into their lives (mentors, friends, people who think differently then them)
  • Read books, articles, and/or listen to podcasts on a variety of topics
  • Evaluate what they are doing rather than go about routines without change
  • Are open to new ideas and new ways of thinking
  • Set aside time and make it a priority to keep learning rather than continuing to draw from past training and experience only
  • Are willing to risk feeling like "a beginner" (or novice) in order to learn new skills that will help them be more effective
The best way we can encourage this in the leaders we are mentoring is to model this kind of lifestyle ourselves! 

Which of the above points do you find easiest to do?  Take a minute and rank yourself 1-10 on how strong you are in those areas. 

I've been so impressed by the models of various mentors in my life who are continually Hungry to Learn and Grow.  My father learned how to do web design when he was already retired.  One of my YWAM leaders was constantly reading new books and discussing them.  I've watched people with much experience and status humble themselves to learn a new language.  I've seen pastors with successful ministries ask me what I thought about what would make their church more effective.

I'm convinced that leading as a learner is more effective than leading as a teacher.  Humble, open, learners will lead the way toward growth and increase. Let's be that kind of leader and develop these qualities in those we lead!

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