Monday, May 2, 2016

Lord make me an Abundant Seed Sower!

I'm convinced. Abundant seed sowing works. I'm a little slow but I think I've finally got this one. 

Over the past few months in many places in South Asia we've seen a major increase in what we call "abundant sowing." What does that mean exactly?  Its pretty simple, a lot more people are hearing the good news and a lot more people are sharing their testimonies more often.  What is the result?  More people are coming to Christ.  Sound basic?  It is, but for some reason we are slow to "get it" on a personal level. 

The fact is (and this is very much backed up by my own experience!), we often share with two or three people and they don't believe or reject us or something happens where they show interest at first but later get offended or...something! You've maybe been there.  I know I have. Then we tell ourselves the lie, "See, I'm no good at this."  Or, "See, it doesn't work, the harvest isn't really ripe around me."  When instead, we just need to keep sowing more seed. Our seed just didn't yet find that good soil.  The more "seed" we "sow" the more chance we will find that person of peace, that person who is really hungry and waiting to hear the message and who will eventually lead many others to faith too.

Jesus talked about this in Matthew 13, the parable we all know but forget- the Parable of the Farmer Scattering Seed.  When we read this parable, it actually seems like he wasn't a very smart farmer.  Why didn't he just sow in the good soil only?  The key wasn’t being smart about where he sowed the seed.  The key was sowing seed everywhere, wherever he went.  Naturally some seed (3/4th in fact) didn’t end up leading to fruit that lasted.  But because he sowed enough, some did and those seeds produced the incredible multiplication he wanted.

I’ve been praying lately, Lord make me an abundant sower.  I know that if I share with 20 or 30 people, at least some of those efforts will find good soil! If I stop with 3, maybe not. 

In one place I know of a few disciples shared last month with 252 people. 23 believed.  In another place, another group shared with 80 people and 14 believed.  Abundant sowing works!  Don't stop sharing if you don't see fruit right away or it grows but withers.


  1. Great insight Cindy, thanks for sharing.

  2. Great insight Cindy, thanks for sharing.