Thursday, July 7, 2016

Obedient to the Vision

God given vision.  It is the foundation that incredible progress and miraculous movements are built upon.  God loves to partner with His people and release his dreams into their hearts.  Sometimes these dreams grow in our hearts through a process of ongoing revelation.  Sometimes we have “Damascus road” encounters with God where He more dramatically speaks to us, calling us to a particular people, purpose or dream.  What do we do with that vision?  Many talk about the vision.  Some begin to work on it.  Continuing to persevere through the trials and continuing to steadfastly pursue the dream and calling God has placed on your life or organization isn’t easy.  Many do not do this.  Obstacles come up, various things distract or discourage, and that vision fades into the background.  They are not able or willing to press through until they see the fulfillment of all God has called them to and promised.

In Acts 26:19 Paul stands before King Agrippa to make his defense in response to the charges brought against him.  He boldly declares, ““So then, King Agrippa, I was not disobedient to the vision from heaven. On that road to Damascus, the master had given him a dream and a calling.  It was a costly one, to take the good news to the Gentile world.  But Paul boldly stands before Agrippa and defends what he has done and why he has done it.  The basis for all he has done is his deep commitment to be obedient to the calling on his life, to the vision God showed him.  Many didn’t understand.  Many attacked him, spoke against him and excluded him.  But his commitment was unwavering.  He would not, indeed, he could not turn back from that calling.  He had to obey God, not please people. 

God has called some of us to a very specific vision- the vision to see Supernatural Increase and the release of movements of Jesus followers among the unreached.  As we pursue this dream, to truly see a 10 fold increase, to see multiple generations of believers reproducing in organic ways, to see thousands come into the kingdom, it is not easy.  Many misunderstand us.  Why are you always collecting reports? Why are you not doing things in the ways other churches do?  Why are you so committed to contextualization?  Why aren’t you more committed to coming to our meetings and conferences? The list goes on.  

Our answer, our defense must be coming from the same place Paul’s did.  It must come from a deep heart commitment to be obedient to the vision God gave.  Our passion, our desire is to be found faithful by our Lord.  How deep is your commitment to the dream God has given you?  Like Paul, are you willing to be misunderstood when you do things in ways that are radically different from others around you?  Or when you pioneer new approaches in order to see something different result from what we’ve seen in the past?

I pray that I may be obedient to the clear call God gave when He spoke to me from the parable of the Minas- to ask Him for, and to work for a ten fold increase in the harvest.  Will you join me to press in to our unique calling to see Supernatural Increase and Greater Fruit among the unreached?

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