Wednesday, September 7, 2016

He is my Supernatural Promised Land

It is now more than six years ago that God began to speak to my heart about His desire to bring about a Supernatural Increase of Harvest among the Unreached in South Asia.  His word was clear.  He wanted to use me (as hard to believe as that was!), He wanted to use us (YWAM FM) to release movements among the unreached.  Now was the time to believe for more.  He spoke through the Parable of the Minas, about believing for not just addition growth, but for true multiplication…for a 10 fold increase of fruit.  

What a journey of faith this has been!  This journey has had some amazing highs and lows.  It’s been a process of being stripped and transformed in many ways on both a personal and corporate level.  He has been with us every step!  We have seen a lot of progress!  He has given us new keys to unlock doors, new strategies, and amazing mentors to speak into our lives and work.  There is so much to be thankful for!

He has taught us to persevere and not give up.  He has taught us to be willing to let go of the old, in order to embrace the new.  He has taught us to honor our past and honor one another.  He has taught us to partner with the prophetic in greater ways and to value His Presence above all else.  He has taught us to pray in detail for the Lost and Saved. He taught us to set goals in our evangelism and be willing to enjoy the blessings of friendly accountability.  There are many other things I could write that reflect lessons learned.

But as I write today, my heart is drawn to a thought from a book by Ruth Haley Barton where she talks about Abraham and his journey toward the Promise Land.  At the end of his life, he only saw the Promise Land, he never entered it.  Yet something had changed in Him.  God Himself became His Promised Land and He could look at what God was going to do to bring the Israelites into that Land with joy, even though he wasn’t going to be a part of that.  It’s a powerful thought to consider!
God is our Promised Land.  God is our Supernatural Increase.  God is our fulfillment, and in Him we find joy.  It’s not in the work we accomplish (or in reality that He does through us).  Its not in the goals we achieve and complete.  It’s not even in the movements of thousands who come to faith.  No, God Himself is our joy.  The ways we have known and experienced Him in the journey, they are our treasures, much more than the actual place we reach. Whether we see movements or not, thousands come to Christ or not, as we pursue those dreams, we meet Him.  We know Him more. That is such a privilege and joy!

I hope this thought encourages you today.  Is He your Promised Land?  Is God Himself, and the joy of experiencing Him in the journey toward the Vision He has given you, enough for you? 

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