Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Lost- A Big Rock?

Steven Covey and others have used the powerful illustration in their leadership training of putting "big rocks" in to the "jar" of our lives.  This illustration basically says that as we manage our time and priorities we need to understand what the most important things are and schedule those first.  Then we must let other less important things come in around those greater priorities.  I've been familiar with this important principle for years and found it helpful as I plan and prioritize.  If you've never heard of this before, check it out. The link is at the bottom of this blog.  It's a great time management principle!

As I was coaching someone the other day, I noticed that he was prioritizing leadership meetings, travel, and many other obligations over spending time with the people he was trying to disciple. He was getting too busy with going here and there to have time to talk to those disciples about important issues and to really train them well so that they would be able to train others.  This was greatly affecting his effectiveness in seeing the release of a disciple making movement.

It led me to return to an important question in my own life.  Are "the Lost" a Big Rock for me?  Do I prioritize time, energy and space in my life to know lost people, to pray for them, to engage with them, to share my life, testimony and the gospel with them?  What do I live and model in relation to this?

It is so easy even when our declared End Vision is a Disciple Making Movement, to allow other priorities to crowd the Lost out of our lives!  We will never reach Lost people if we don't know them, make time for them, engage with them in relationship, and make Lost people a high priority in our schedules. If we are too busy going to meetings and trainings to talk about reaching the Lost and we don't have time to know and share Jesus with the Lost, something is wrong in our thinking and behavior.

Put the Big Rocks in first.  Time with Jesus, time with family, time for rest and exercise, and time for the Lost and the Saved who you are training to train others- these are my Big Rocks.  I must let the other many events and things of my life fall in around those top priorities.

As you think about your life and calendar this coming week, why not decide to spend time with the Lost and plan for it.  I'm going to.

*Covey's teaching on Putting in the Big Rocks First-

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