Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Prophetic Word for 2015

A Word for 2015

2015 will be a year of new strategies released, a year of partnering with God to create solutions and to release new innovations that will lead to breakthrough and amazing multiplication…to supernatural advance of His Kingdom.  This season is not about striving and working hard, it is about being joyfully yoked to God, letting him carry the heavy things for us and of watching with delight as He does the things we thought were impossible.  It is a year of receiving MUCH MORE of His love than ever before and naturally having MUCH MORE to give away freely to others.  It’s a year when abundance, overflow, and miraculous events become normal in our lives andin the lives of those we influence.

It is a year of listening carefully to his Voice as he directs and guides and releases God assignments to us.  It’s a year of constant welcoming and of an awareness of His Presence, of His Spirit, as he prompts and nudges us toward His secrets and His answers.  It’s a year of developing a much higher sensitivity to that “inner tug” toward certain people, places, situations where He has prepared something for you.

God is building foundations in us of faith, hope and love.  The greatest of these is love.  Let Him grow your faith, hope and love.  Let Him deposit a supernatural abundance of faith, hope and love into you.  Fruit is coming.  I see the trees of our lives by the end of 2015 heavy with an abundance of large and healthy fruit ready to be picked. Fruit of His Spirit and fruitfulness in much Kingdom harvest. Delight in Him and delight in the joy of what He is doing and about to do! He will give you the desires of your heart.


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