Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Only God Assignments

We want to be more fruitful, but are we willing to take the risk of filtering everything we do through the question "Is this a God assignment for me?"  How many things do I do because I feel I should, or because I always have done this, or because someone really wants or needs me to do that thing?  What if I were to stop and pause a moment and ask, "Father, is this what you are assigning me to do? Am I doing this or going there, because you are sending me?"

I've been thinking about that a lot today.  My heart longs for more.  I want to walk in a greater anointing. I desire to respond to His promptings and be led by Him.  Yet my life is so often full of other things. Sometimes there is little room for God to lead, little space to respond to his leading.

Living a God assignment lifestyle requires a high level of trust.  Can I trust God enough to send me if it is important, to lead me if He wants me there?

Lets get real practical here.  I was trying to apply this to something most of us have to do- fund raising. My husband and I are in that timeframe when it is necessary to call churches that support us monthly and schedule our "5 minute" slots to share next time we are home in our own country.  The particular denomination from which most of our support comes has a system in place that I have been a part of since childhood.  My parents also worked to fund raise for their ministry in this denomination.  Well, its a lot of hard work to get support and you need to be able to get on that phone 9 months to a year in advance and book your services.  That is how it is done.

Hmmm.  Is this truly God's way for us?  Is this system of speaking for 5 minutes in all these different churches in order to raise money for what He has called us to do really His way?  I cant help but question it whenever we are faced with doing this.  I have to ask myself, am I doing something in the flesh or is doing this really a God assignment?  Is He asking me to call these pastors? to book these sharing times?  If God is sending me, won't he release favor and open doors and release provision? Is spending this much time and effort in order to be given a brief slot really good stewardship of the gifts and ministry He has given us? Or are there places we are to go and works he has for us to do that make better use of who He has made us and what He desires to do through us?

To stop doing something that has worked in the past, been your tradition or your "bread and butter" requires faith.  Its risky to apply that filter - that you only do things you know God is sending you to do and that He is in.  Lots of "what ifs?" enter our minds.  What if it doesn't work? What if God doesn't provide? What if people call me foolish for living this way?

How we face fundraising and work with those systems is just one practical example. The application is everywhere in our lives.  Im more and more convinced that if we want to see supernatural anointing for supernatural growth and fruit, we have to be more careful about going through the motions, doing what is expected and the norm.  We have to be willing to risk the question; Is this a God assignment for me now? Is this God's assignment for me still? Is this still His way? Is this still His plan?  We must be willing to let things go if we don't have that confidence in our heart of hearts that indeed it is what God is saying to do now.  We must be willing to trust our loving Father, the one from whom all good things flow; to guide, direct our paths, provide generously, and lead us.

Don't get me wrong.  I don't need a confirmation from God to brush my teeth in the morning! Nor am I asking God when I wake up each day if He wants me to spend time with Him as I start my day.  Certain disciplines and "rituals" are very needful in making progress toward God's purposes and calling. Yet there are also many things we do that flow out of our traditions, past experiences, and past "Words".  Its a new year, lets live a little on the edge- let go of some things, and dare to only take hold of God's assignments for 2015. 

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