Thursday, November 20, 2014

He Waited 14 Years to Hear About The Message of the Cross

God is planting His Kingdom in hearts, it is ripe and waiting for us to reap the waiting harvest! I heard a story today from one of of the church planters I coach regularly.He told of a man who went to a festival and wanted to buy something to help him worship. All around were many gods, idols and images.  He saw a cross there along with the other images. He decided to buy it.  When he brought this home, many friends and relatives around him asked him why he had bought it and not another kind of image. He replied "I don't know. I just wanted to have this."

Two months ago, 14 years after he had purchased the cross, a follower of Jesus visited his home, saw the cross and asked him if he knew the meaning of this symbol. When he heard the message of the cross for the first time, he was so happy to know the God he had been praying to! He invited Jesus to be His Savior and Lord.  Soon he chose to become a disciple of Jesus and fully follow this God He had prayed to, but now KNEW in a personal way. How many more wait to hear the story we have to tell??? God lead us to them and give us boldness to share your amazing good news with those waiting to hear!

The Harvest is truly RIPE. Laborers are few, and the laborers that are in the harvest are sometimes timid or discouraged.

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