Sunday, November 16, 2014

We want MORE! Of what?

More people or more ministries does not automatically equal more fruit or more effectiveness or an increase of the Kingdom.  Lets not ask how can we increase ourselves, but how can we see an increase of His Kingdom?
It is automatic for us as humans to think that pursuing More in God means an increase of what we are already doing.  When we say we want to see more happening, it is our reflex to think of more programs, more schools, more staff, more teams, more money, etc.  We think of having more of what we already have or doing more of what we are already doing.
It is crucial that we shift our mindset away from this kind of thinking.  We need to ask a different question of the Lord and of ourselves if we want to truly see Supernatural Increase of God's Kingdom in our lives, ministries, cities, people groups, and nations. God's math is often very different from ours.  Our math says "work twice as much= twice as big a harvest".  God's math says "work less and rest more= greater fruit and harvest".  Our math says "Run more trainings= more workers." God's math might say "Train different people in a different way= more workers than you can imagine!"
Its really crucial in these days as we are asking Him for MUCH MORE and for Supernatural Increase, that we also ask Him what exactly He wants us to be doing, changing, and especially doing more of.  Sometimes the best thing you can do to increase a harvest from a field is to let it rest a season and not plant there at all.  Sometimes the best you can do is to plant a different crop there.  What is the Master Harvester telling you to do to see the release of Greater Fruit?  What is He telling you to start believing and declaring in faith? What is He telling you to tear down or stop doing?
God INDEED wants to bring much more Kingdom fruitfulness and transformation across the world and in South Asia.  He is very busy and at work doing this!  As we listen carefully and partner with Him, as we are careful to only do what the Father is doing and only say what He is saying, as we listen and obey, we WILL see an amazing Increase of the Kingdom! First in our lives, families, disciples and churches.  It will then overflow and not only touch but transform the communities, cities and nations in which we live.
Lets remember, MORE KINGDOM does not mean MORE effort or MORE of the same. Lets learn God's math and see how He multiplies in ways beyond what we can dream of.

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