Friday, November 7, 2014

Leading "Want to" meetings vs. "Have to" gatherings In YWAM

Have you ever thought about how weird it is that YWAM is an organization known by outside people as "Youth with a Meeting" and has more meetings, conferences, trainings and LTs than any other organization around? And yet, I have only met one or two people in YWAM who say "I love meetings!"  Most others I hear talking about this say "I hate meetings" I'd much rather be out in the field doing ministry.

So why do we do this?  Are we stuck in our "Have to" gatherings?  What would it take for us to change our behavior as an organization and become a group of people who attend things because they really, really want to, and because they believe God is leading them to be there and a part of that meeting?  (If this isn't an issue for you and you always want to go to every meeting you go to in YWAM, please stop reading now.  You have my admiration and congratulations!) Maybe its just me, but I feel like I'm regularly both leading and attending "have to" meetings.

It may take some pretty radical actions from us a leaders to see our organization change from a Structure of the Law (read; control, have tos, should, I will be mad at you or disappointed with you if you don't), to a Structure of Grace (read; freedom, want tos, pursuing God given desires and I will bless and love you even if you don't do what I think is best).

I'd love to see us experiment with some things related to this, by having "want to" leadership meetings where we tell people, only come if you feel it will help you to come and you really want to be there because you feel God's given you something to contribute and/or learn there.  We'd love to have you, but you are totally free to choose whether you attend or not.  If you ARE coming, I'd love to hear what God's telling you to give at this gathering, and look for ways to include that in what we do.

What if we just cancelled our regular, routine, structural meetings completely and only gathered when we know God is saying to?  And what if when we gathered, we only asked people to come who also felt this from God?

I'm guessing that these kinds of changes would bring about an incredible increase of Anointing, God's Presence, and a Release of the Power of His Spirit in those times.  I'm guessing that we would have a lot more ownership and contributions from people in the meeting and they would flow in their varied gifts so the Body there, be they 3 or 3000 would function more like a body.

I'm curious what would happen if we had the courage to try leading "Want to" meetings.

Anyone want to give it a try with me?


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